Friday, January 30, 2009

Mars Hill, Mark Driscoll, Nightline

Nightline recently did a segment on Mars Hill Church Seattle, which is famous for a lot of things. You can see it here: Nightline on Mars Hill


Jim Peet said...

Saw it the other night. What did you think?

Jim Peet said...

Interesting comments over at Denny Burk's site

Reforming Baptist said...

I thought it was pretty good interview. I've listened to Mark's sermons on a semi regular basis, and sometimes I feel like taking a bath when it's over.

Anyway, for the most part, he's teaching right stuff, but the package in which he delivers it is often crude and inappropriate. He would say he's contextualizing to the culture. Whatever. Historically, there have never been great preachers who have turned a sermon into a stand up comedian act, which he sometimes tends to do.

I am glad however, that alot of the "freaks and nutjobs" as Mark puts it, are coming to Christ although I think they'll grow in Christ with some deformity, but then again, how many of us are perfectly well balanced?

Larry said...

I thought it was interesting. Probably a bit one-sided, as someone else said, making it sound like all Driscoll does is talk about sex. He talks about a lot more.