Thursday, March 04, 2010

Quotable: Stetzer on Clergification

Clergification is “the idea that is very prevalent in the church that there is a certain class of people, a certain hierarchy, a priesthood if you will that does the work of the ministry and the job of the normal people is to pay, pray, and get out of the way.”

“Most churches look more like pre-Reformation Catholic churches than they do like churches that have an empowered priesthood of the believers.”

“It’s remarkable to me that so many churches look like pre-Reformation Catholic churches where there’s a priestly class and then there’s a people who is unengaged in mission and ministry.”

“We are teaching people that they need us [pastors] more than God wants them to believe they need us.”

“Somehow we have to stop letting them believe—and maybe us acting as if we believe—that our role is to do the work of the ministry.”

“All God’s people are called to ministry.”

“When we do for people what God calls them to do, everybody gets hurt and the mission of God gets hindered.”

“We are going to have to break the cycle of codependence where we’re the ones who do it and they’re the ones who watch”

From the Exchange beginning about 21:00, lasting about ten minutes.

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