Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Interesting Reading

Several items of interest to me have recently passed my way.

First, I got an email advertising a “free Bible college.” They offer, and I quote, “correspondance courses.” That’s right. By “correspondance” you can get a four year Bachelor of Theology degree.

I suppose that spelling is a fifth year master’s level course.

This church and Bible college uses, and I quote, “the only error-free Bible in English: The King James Version.” It’s too bad that the translators of the King James Version didn’t get to attend this school. They surely would have been disabused of the notion that their version was imperfect. Of course, they couldn’t have translated very well. But they probably could have spelled “correspondence” correctly. Oh what a dilemma …

Second, there is the matter of this statement promoting a collection of music that I saw several days ago:

Red Letter joins lyrics born out of profound gospel reflection with aggressive music that matches the depth and weight of the text.

The irony is that this organization believes that music is neutral. So, what does it mean that music matches the text? If music is neutral, wouldn’t all music “match depth and weight of the text”?

I downloaded the album in question several nights ago to experience the “depth and the weight of the text” through music.

It was interesting, to say the least.

This is the same organization that had the strangest version I have ever heard of “What Child Is This?” on a Christmas album. If you haven’t heard it, look it up. Mary and Jesus will never be the same to you.


Anonymous said...

I know someone in that area of washington, so checked out the site. Found this on bottom of the homepage of the church in dark blue on black background

"Learn about Baptist only baptism, the Bride of Christ and the local church, the errors of the ecumenical movement, Baptism with the Holy Ghost, the errors of the Charismatic movement, the errors of Protestantism, the errors of Catholicism, the errors of universal church doctrine, the danger of liberalism, the reasons why the rapture is soon; we have free prophecy lessons, free Christian apologetics; find out why the sign gifts have passed, learn about Baptist History, why Christmas and Easter are pagan, why denominations are unscriptural, how to have God's blessings, the will of God, why pastors should be trained in their own church, why Mission Boards are un-scriptural, why Fellowships can be dangerous, and all this is taught in our free Bible College...."



Anonymous said...

I notice that they also offer a course in "hermaneutics" during the second year. Perhaps that explains a few things... Then there's the course on "Galations" during the third year.

Suzanne J.