Friday, March 29, 2013

Around the Horn

At first, Jeopardy uber-champion Ken Jennings clarifies the commonly misused phrase, “That begs the question.” This begs the question, “Do you actually know what it means?” (If you do, you get the irony.)

At second, Bill Combs on the Detroit Baptist Seminary blog points to this good article by my friend Jared Compton on the resurrection. If you don’t have DBTS on your blog reader, add it.

At third, Jonathan Parnell mentions two antithetical things going on right now. You can read his point. Mine is a little bit different: There has never been more Christian media/communication/writing/blogging/preaching/gospel-centeredness/etc than ever before. Has there ever been less Christian influence? Perhaps, but it sure seems that for all our talking, there isn’t much influence.

Closing out today, R. Scott Clark has a good article here on distance education. I continue to be skeptical of it. I think it makes sense primarily from a financial standpoint—meaning schools get your money.

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