Friday, April 05, 2013

Around the Horn

At first, a lot has been said about church names and whether or not a church should have a denominational identity such as “Baptist” or “Methodist” or whatever in it. Most of what has been said has no basis outside of the mind of the speaker. Ed Stetzer comes along with some research that says it does matter. You might be surprised at why. Check it out.

At second, Shaun in the City gives ten observations about church from an outsider’s perspective. It’s worth reading and considering. I think many pastors and church leaders never have this kind of thought. They are like me: They have been in church since Methusaleh was a pup. They have never been an outsider. Hey friend, it’s not wrong to think about how other people see us. And it’s not wrong to help them out.

At third, Thom Rainer gives eight questions for church health. They are pretty general. In fact, they are almost too general to be helpful. Thom would do a great service by enlarging on each one in a blog post, saying how it might be judged or measured, and how it might be corrected.

At last, The Second Nature Journal is a new journal that looks interesting. I don’t remember who pointed it out, but I look forward to reading it.

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