Friday, March 15, 2013

Around the Horn

At first, here’s an article on an encounter between a German fighter pilot and an American bomber pilot in WWII. It reminds us that there is, in most people, a basic sense of humanity connected with the image of God in man. This basic sense of humanity is why many soldiers struggle greatly when they return from war. We certainly need a greater awareness of it, even when we are not at war.

At second, here’s an article “In Praise of ‘The Long Thought’.” I find this resonates with me. Of course, I am guilty of perpetuating it by posts like these. But since you’re the only one who reads here, at least it isn’t affecting a lot of people. And of course, I have hours of reading, study, and thought behind every link I post here. I promise. So the problem is only you.

At third, John Dyer links to a fascinating picture from the announcement of the new pope. My how the time flies. By the way, I recommend Dyer’s book called From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology(Kindle Edition). It is an interesting perspective on how technology affects us.

At the home run, from San Antonio (my favorite place in Texas, mostly because it’s the only place in Texas I have actually been), word comes that Pastor John Hagee has built a $5,000,000 replica of Noah’s Ark. Call me skeptical, but I don’t see this as bringing on the next revival. In fact, I wonder if the $5,000,000 might have been better spent, perhaps on something, say, like sending my family and me to Hawaii for a vacation. In fact, if you send me money, I promise not to build an ark with it. I will instead buy airplane tickets and take my family to Hawaii. If you send enough, I will buy first class tickets so it will feel like riding in an ark, hopefully without the smells. Do you think Hagee spent some of that $5,000,000 on manure, or at least some spray stink to make it more authentic? Surely that would convince more people of the gospel if the ark smells like a barnyard on a hot summer day.

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