Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Around the Horn

Here’s a great piece from John Bloom channeling the thoughts of King David a year later. Worth some careful thinking.

You need to watch Voddie Baucham here talk about abortion. It’s hard for him to believe that people tell him that the life of two of his children and even his own life wasn’t worth living. One of the problems with abortion is that there aren’t faces attached to it.

Here’s a good piece by Dave Kraft on leaders and small things. IF you don’t do small things, you will not be an effective leader.

New research shows that 30% of Americans claim no religious affiliation. The actual number of Americans with no actual religious affiliation is probably higher than that, if you take into account that most people do not actually practice the religion they claim. It’s a wide open mission field, but many are content to preach to the converted.

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