Saturday, February 09, 2008

A VP Deal?

Has Mitt Romney made a deal with McCain?

I would not be surprised to hear that Romney will be McCain's running mate. His withdrawal was sudden and fairly unexpected, given his statement the night before to fight on. However, the "good of the party" Romney referred to may in fact be a reference to "Vice-Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney."

Think about it: The delegate count was making it almost impossible for Romney to win the nomination, and the conservatives make it almost impossible for McCain to win the general. But this back room deal makes it possible for McCain to coast to the nomination since Huckabee and Paul are non-factors. McCain saves his cash to run against the Democrats, and probably adds to his cash with Romney. He chooses Romney to be his VP, which sways some of the conservatives, and sets Romney up to run in 2012 (if McCain is a one-termer), or 2016 (if McCain is a two-termer).

So I will not be surprised if Romney is chosen. If you are McCain, Romney makes good sense for a lot of reasons.

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