Saturday, February 02, 2008

On the Super Bowl

It is hard to imagine that I could care less. (Boy, how times have changed. I rarely watch a complete sports event any more unless it is soccer. How weird am I ...). I guess I will watch some tomorrow night. Maybe ...

But in the meantime, if you have not already seen them, here are two things worth looking at, in my opinion.

CJ Mahaney has started a blog which I had not read until tonight. I thought this post on the Super Bowl was good. I have heard CJ once or twice, but have not read any of his books. But I like what seems to be his genuineness and straightforwardness. This is no exception.

The Tom-In-the-Box News Network is on My Bloglines simply because it is funny. And this is no exception either. Creative people bother me ... mostly because I am not one and otherwise simply because I read something creative and think how easy it would have been to come up with. But alas, I never come up with anything creative. But these guys are really creative and really funny.

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