Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kids and Sports

Here's a good article about kids, sports, and parents. It wasn't all that long ago a parent was killed at a hockey game ... by another parent in the stands.

But I know this: Incidents like these are becoming increasingly common in a child-obsessed society where kids are taught little respect for authority figures. Where children can do no wrong in mom and dad's eyes. Where kids are never taught that decisions and actions have consequences. Where parents too often expect everyone to worship at the altar of little Johnny and little Janie.

Sadly, the era of ``helicopter parents'' -- so named because they hover over their child's every action and activity -- is apparently here to stay.

I remember complaining about the officiating to my dad. He had a simple response: You want to play next game? Then stop complaining.

Ironically, I find it much harder to shut up as a coach then as a player. And I care less as a coach then I did as a player. (I still care a lot; just not as much as I used to.)

Wierd, isn't it? When will parents start to teach their children some common decency? And model it for them?

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