Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Have an Idea

The United States' second-richest man has delivered a blunt message to the Bush administration: he wants to pay more tax.

Here's my idea: Mr. Buffet, pay my taxes.

Two things would be accomplished: My tax burden would be lifted and I could help grow the economy through spending and investment; and his conscience could be salved.

After all, he probably makes more in fifteen minutes than I make in a year.

Maybe he could pay your taxes as well. (Just get in line behind me.)

Seriously, (or practically, since I am totally serious about him paying my taxes but I don't think he will), if you want to pay more to the government, then write a check and send it in. Don't ask for more laws to do what you think you should do anyway. Just do it.


Jon from Bucksport said...

You always have such good ideas!

Brian said...

This is exactly my thought when I hear a billionaire say that they don't think they're taxed enough. I just cannot see the government refusing someone who would like to donate extra.

Another idea might be for Buffet to volunteer to pay back as much of the national debt as he wants. Or this year's budget deficit, even. These are helpful ways to lighten the load on Mr. Buffett's net worth without requiring legislation.