Friday, February 22, 2013

Around the Horn

Leading off with a solid single, gives eight ways to engage the culture. It’s easier than you think. In fact, it’s a lot of what thoughtful Christians are already doing, and have been for years. They just didn’t know it was called “engaging the culture.” So keep at it. And call it whatever you want.

At second, Roger Olson gives his perspective on fundamentalists and fundamentalism. He is an outsider, and not a sympathetic one. This is a follow up to his article about why he is not a liberal Christian. One value of an article like this is that it shows just how broad fundamentalism is to outsiders. And it shows just how useless the term can be around some.

At third, here’s a good short piece about word studies. Word studies make legitimate contributions to the study of the Bible, but only when done legitimately. Take heed to this.

The home run today is erstwhile celebrity-(don’t)-wanna-be Carl Trueman talking about Tim Tebow and the world we live in. It’s worth a read, if for no other reason than to see Trueman invoke a “homicidal foot fetishist” in the cause of cultural transformation. I had no idea they existed. In fact, I am not even sure I know what one is. And that is probably a good thing. But I sense Trueman is not praising them, whoever they may be.

It’s also worth a mention that spring training is is full swing, which means that Cleveland is officially out of the pennant race.

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