Friday, February 01, 2013

Around the Horn

At first, here’s 10 Mistakes Preaching Pastors Need to Avoid. I am not sure there are ten different things here, since some are virtually the same. When you preach every week (usually multiple times a week), it it inevitable that you will make mistakes, both in wording, in content, and in approach. But this list helps us to think about some things we can minimize.

At second, here’s a fascinating blog I came across this week. In fact, I had a hard time closing it to move on to something else. Wayne Hale had a career at NASA, and was involved in the Challenger disaster in 2002. Here, he recounts lesson from his career at NASA, particularly the Challenger disaster, in a fascinating way. It is worth reading.

At third, here’s an interesting interview with a pastor’s wife who used to be a lesbian university professor. What is particularly interesting is the things she says about evangelism. It’s worth the hour or so it takes to watch it (or just listen to it if you are doing something else, because the visual doesn’t add much).

And lastly, here’s a nice article about my friend and soccer coaching partner Mark Kraatz. Give it a read.

And the good news: Opening day is just two months away.

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