Saturday, June 30, 2012

Around the Horn

First, here’s a good article about Eisenhower’s D-Day decision. It was a tough one on a number of different fronts. Ike knew that he was sending thousands of men to their death. To look them in the eye and send them on their way is a tough decision. Our decisions are typically much easier, and we probably don’t do as well.

Second, here’s a good word on marriage. The only slight modification I would make is to this statement: “The fact that your marriage is now in bad shape PROVES the truth of the gospel.” This is, IMO, an unwarranted expansion of the “gospel.” The gospel is the hope for this marriage. The gospel is not proved true by the temporal consequences of people’s sin; it is proved necessary. But the bad shape of the marriage actually proves the truth of the whole teaching of the Bible on marriage, not just the gospel. The reason people’s marriages are blown up is most often because they disregard God’s instructions about life.

Third, and speaking of marriage, Doug Wilson did a few talks on homosexuality at Indiana University. If the video trailers are any indication, it wasn’t well received. I haven’t been able to watch it yet, but Wilson is pretty good at stuff like this, and so it should be good.

And last, Ed Young, Jr. (he of “Bed on the Roof” gimmick last year and Pastor Fashion) has spoken to the great debate about Reformed soteriology (it begins about halfway through part 4). Young mocks a church that baptized only 26 people. Erik at the Ordinary Pastor talks about it here. I think there are some problems in the modern reformed movement. BTW, speaking of fashion, does anyone else think he looks a little like Pat Boone stuck in a suit left over from high school in the 80s? Seriously, the suit looks a size too small in a fashion thirty years late. Yikes.

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