Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Around the Horn

Early this week, but here goes:

Here’s a good article on short-term mission trips. It draws an interesting comparison, particularly concerning the exporting of American Christianity in English to places who have neither the language, the American Christian culture, nor the resources to sustain it. I, and many others, have been personally benefited by short-term missions, so they are not worthless. But they are dangerous in that they present a view of missions that isn’t realistic, and can put a tremendous burden on the missionary while not accomplishing much that is actually helpful to him.

Here’s a good article on The Profile of an Abuser. There are some interesting ironies for consideration here. It is often said that it is easy to miss an abuser because they look and acts just like everyone else. 

Here’s an interesting page with pictures of the libraries or studies of some famous people, like Churchill, William F. Buckley, Rudyard Kipling, Jack London, and some others. As much as I would like to be like some of these people, I think I am most like William F. Buckley, at least in my office.

The home run this week is this article about Lou Zamperini and Peter Carroll. If you haven’t read Unbroken yet, you should. It will be well worth every minute it takes you, and you will find they go by quickly when reading Unbroken. It is the best WWII history book I have read, and one of the best books period in many ways. You will probably think the same after reading it.

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