Saturday, May 19, 2012

Around the Horn

Leading off, Justin Verlander took a no-hitter into the ninth last night before Josh Harrison broke it up with a single up the middle. No-hitters are always great moments in baseball. One-hitters, especially when that hit comes in the ninth, are heart-breaking. But on the upside, as least this wasn’t an umpire mistake.

At second, Rick Thomas has some interesting thoughts on going to conferences. I tend to agree with him. I like being present for things, but the cost is high, both in terms of money and life. I am an old sap these days, and I don’t like leaving my family for much. However, I like that some of these conferences are making the sessions available online. That gives me a good reason to play golf (as if I need one), because I have time devoted to listening to some good preaching.

And on that note, I listened to David Platt from T4G again this week. Then I saw a certain internet busybody commenting on this message as evidence that Calvinists weren’t interested in evangelism. What was interesting was that Platt praised the church planting emphasis, while lamenting that it had not yet gone as global as he said. So contrary to this particular person, new Calvinists are very involved in church planting and evangelism. Even more ironic, Platt’s biggest argument for global missions was … wait for it … particular redemption. Of course, most people call it “limited atonement,” and use it as their favorite punching bag. But again I say, as I have before, if you don’t think Calvinists are interested in evangelism, then you should listen to Platt.

At third, Ray Ortlund has some great thoughts on sermon preparation. If you are a pastor finishing up for tomorrow (hopefully not starting for tomorrow) these are words with considering.

And the home run, because something like this doesn’t deserve any less, Ed Young Jr. is giving fashion advice to pastors at Pastor Fashion. There’s a lot of helpful information here, such as advice about T-shirts (white or gray and not too long), suits (if you feel comfortable in it, it probably doesn’t fit), and collars (what kind you should wear). Either he is really late or I was really early because that get up he is wearing in the photo on the main page looks like something we wore in high school in the 80s. So pastors, if your wife or mother hasn’t picked up your outfit for tomorrow yet, cruise on over to Pastor Fashion and then head to Goodwill for a shopping spree.


J. Brian McKillop said...

Platt's sermon was the best sermon on Missions I have ever heard!

Sergius Martin-George said...

A spoof on Ed Young's fashionista tendencies can be found here.

When it was first posted back in February, many readers did not recognize it as a spoof.