Saturday, June 04, 2011


I am starting a new category of posts called “Gleanings.” They will be posts of selected quotes from various articles. I will highlight certain quotes, usually without intending to pass judgment on the context of the quote. Some will have my thoughts attached; others will be presented without comment.

This article is entitled “In Defense of My Coach.” Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel has been under fire recently for the goings on in the OSU program. This past week, he resigned from his job. Jon Thoma, a former player, wrote this article giving a different perspective on Tressel.

It is always sad to see a hero fall. – When people look up to you, you have a higher responsibility. Teachers are always judged by a higher standard (James 3:1). As a leader we should caution people about heroes who names aren’t “Jesus of Nazareth,” but we have to realize that people look up to us. Carry that trust carefully.

I am furious they cast aside our symbols of brotherhood and victory for a few hundred dollars. – There are some things you just can’t put a price on … unless you are young and immature. Then you will trade your heritage for a mess of pottage. What in the world caused a future millionaire to think that a tattoo was worth a national championship ring?

Show an 18-year-old some money and give him some power, and you have a recipe for disaster. – Enough said.

My freshman year he approached me, a mere walk-on back-up punter, and asked me how my parents and two sisters were doing.  He referred to them all by name! We had about 120 players on the team and he knew every person in all 120 immediate families.  He knew because he cared. – Leaders must care about people. Nothing says “I care” like knowing about the people under you.

We had a responsibility to present ourselves in a positive way, as we were representatives of so many things so much bigger than ourselves. – Self-centered people never see the things “bigger than themselves.”

He wanted to put us in the best position possible to succeed. – Leaders must try to get people in places that they can succeed according to their gifts and abilities. Nothing is more discouraging being in a position you aren’t gifted for.  Leaders should push people, get people to try new things, but your ultimate goal as a leader is to get people to be successful. In my short ministry life, I have seen people get frustrated and ultimately fail because they were in a position they weren’t gifted for, and no one had the courage to say, “You have a great heart to want to do that, but you should consider doing this because it fits better into your gifting.”

On your best days be great. On your worst days, be good. Every other day, get better. – Nothing will take the place continual learning. Stagnant minds can never lead others.

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