Friday, June 03, 2011

Around the Horn

Here are two quick hits:

Justin Taylor reminds me of this funny passage from Moises Silva that reminds me of just how bizarre some exegesis and preaching is. I tend to take the simple view, which means I might miss out on some great word associations. It also means I might not say things that aren’t true. Sometimes a word is just a word.

I would encourage caution in appealing to these ancient meanings and word pictures or associations. Modern translators usually do a pretty good job of getting the meaning right.

And think about how we use language (both as the speaker or author and the hearer or reader). In all but the fewest cases, we aren’t thinking of deep meaning in words. We are simply using conventional language. It should not stretch credulity to think that the biblical authors did the same thing.

Rick Thomas has a good post on resources today. I think the emphasis on resources might be a short cut, a cheater’s way, a lazy man’s guide to the universe.

In an age where books are being published at an astounding rate, we are constantly looking to someone else’s homework instead of doing our own. Even good resources can stunt our growth.

I wonder if reaching for a book instead of taking time to think things through ourselves is actually helpful.

I think resources are helpful, but perhaps we need to be more judicious in our use of them. Sure, we might not keep up on the latest and greatest books out there, but our personal growth and ministry might be more fruitful.

Knowing the Bible and knowing people might be a better resource than a bibliography longer than your arm.

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