Saturday, June 12, 2010

With Him or Without Him

Mark 5:1-20 records for us the story of the Maniac of Gadara (or Garasa, which is probably modern day Khersis). It provides for us an interesting contrast worthy of consideration.

In the story we see a man freed from possibly years of demonic possession that had led to him being ostracized from his community, mutilating himself, and living in caves in a graveyard. The result is that he wants to go and live with Jesus (v. 18).

In the same story we see a community of people who had ostracized the man, either out of fear or contempt, who having seen the great power and authority of Jesus over a mob (legion) of demons would apparently rather have the demoniac back than have Jesus stay.

The people who had not experienced the work of Jesus wanted nothing to do with him.

The man who had experienced the work of Jesus want to do nothing without him.

Interesting, isn’t it?

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