Friday, June 11, 2010

Why Izzo Should Not Go to the NBA

The Cleveland Cavaliers are courting Michigan State coach Tom Izzo.

He should not go. Here’s why:

First, he owns Michigan basketball. Not just University of Michigan basketball, but the state of Michigan. He is the man here.

Second, he has a chance to be a Dean Smith or a Coach K, two classy coaches who spent their lives at one school building dynasties, who are deeply loved and highly respected by college basketball. That does not come very often.

Third, college coaches typically do not do well in the NBA. Count ‘em up. After Larry Brown, the list is almost non-existent. Izzo is a great coach, but the NBA is a different game.

Fourth, it’s Cleveland. … ‘Nuff said.


Bill Combs said...

The problem is that MSU is and always will be a second-rate school. I would hate to condemn anyone to that as a eternal fate.

Larry said...

But it's still not Cleveland.

Perhaps MSU's new slogan should be: At least we're not Cleveland.

Bill Combs said...

Well, I have to give you that one.

Patrick Berryman said...

I wouldn't call MSU a second rate school. Lots of people who can't get into Michigan go there.

I agree with you Larry. Unless he wants to join his friend Steve M. doing color commentary on cable he should stay away from the NBA. I guess one other option would be for him to pull a Pitino and when he flames out in the pros return to the instate rival in Michigan. We'll be looking for a new coach by then.