Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Here’s My Take on Duke and Butler

It was a good game in some ways. But let’s dispense with the notion that it was a Cinderella, small school, “Hoosiers,” David-n-Goliath kind of event. Butler was a top ten team for most of the year. They were, in fact, a good team (with a coach that looks like he is in high school. I wonder how hard it was to get time off from Algebra class, and if his parents got charged under the truancy statutes).

Of course, I am joking. He looks like a great coach.

And speaking of coaching, why in the world did Zoubek miss the last free throw on purpose? That was a horrible decision because it brought a loss into play (and it was way too close). If Zoubek makes that free throw, the best Butler can do is tie on a desperation heave. When he missed it, he gave them a possibility to win.

With less than two seconds, you might miss in order to get the clock started and leave Butler disorganized. Or if your Butler, down by two, you miss and try to get the put back to tie.

But you don’t miss intentionally when you are up by two with that much time left, when you know the only shot they can get off is a three-pointer.

Coach K is easily one of the top basketball coaches in the world. He has a few national championships and a couple of gold medals from the Olympics.

I am a dumb shmuck sitting in a recliner.

But that was a boneheaded move, Coach K. Take my word for it. You almost lost.

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