Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What J.H. Jowett and I Have In Common

The difficulty of delivering a message is in inverse proportion to the size of the audience. To face the individual soul with the Word of God … is one of the heaviest commissions given to our charge. Where there are ten men who can face a crowd, there is only one who can face the individual. Gentlemen, it seemed as though I could preach a sermon and never meet a devil. But as soon as I began to take my sermon to the individual, the streets were thick with devils” (J.H. Jowett, The Preacher, His Life and Work, cited in Mastering Pastoral Care, p. 20).

I find it much easier to preach to a large group of people than to speak to people one on one about their souls.

I can easily be direct, confrontational, bold, and energetic in front of a crowd, but I am a chicken across the table from a person.

I am glad to know I am not the only one with this experience.



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Anonymous said...

This is where it takes the power of the Holy Spirit, real prayer, and a great burden for souls. Many people are won this way, perhaps most from a personal confrontation with a burdened soul winner. This is what is lacking in today's church and Christian community. I know of several pastors who have built strong churches by this way. God help us if we don't get back to doing this. It is not easy, but never has been. One has to put aside their pride and totally depend on the Holy Spirit.