Friday, August 14, 2009

A Missionary on Missions

My friend Dave, who I have known since high school and who used to abuse me during tennis matches years ago, has recently responded to my friend Chris with some ideas about the call to missions. It is worth your time. I’d post it all, but I think that would be stealing or something, so I will just give you his conclusion about the sometimes seeming fruitlessness of gospel ministry on the mission field and ask you to go read it for yourself:

And though no one come, though no one heed, you are there, and they know you are there, and HE knows you are there -- and HE is there with you. Always. Until it's all over and you go to your final sleep saying, "I left it all on out there on the field -- and it was worth it all."

Dave is one of the living people in this world that I most highly respect. He went and did and still is doing what I have only talked about and preached about. I talk about the sacrifice of ministry, but I have an easy life. Dave and Kristi live it.  

Dave and I have not had much contact since college, but I have seen his ministry from afar. I recommend him to you with great confidence. Pray for him and his family.

And listen when he speaks.

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