Friday, August 07, 2009

Just Thinking …

What does it say when we consider that the “Problem of Evil” consumes so much of our attention, and the “Problem of Good” consumes so little?

We get up in the morning and say, “Why do I have to hurt like this?” or “Why did my loved one die?” or “Why do I have to lose my job?” followed by “What was God thinking when he did that?”

We rarely get up and say, “Wow … God saved me (or my loved one) from the results of my sin for one more day. Why did he do that? What was God thinking when he did that?”

I would submit that the problem of  good in our world is at least as great a problem as the problem of evil. It perhaps speaks to our self-centered nature and our lack of a robust understanding of humanity that we do not see it.

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Diane Heeney said...

Thanks for giving me something great to think about today. There's so much drivel in the blogosphere, it is refreshing to come across things like this.