Friday, May 23, 2008

Prospering Intellectual Culture?

My friend Chris Anderson cites this article from about "Cracking Evangelical Stereotypes." Using both "crack" and "evangelical" in the title screams for comment, but I shall refrain.

Note this from the end of the article:

He cites this Evangelicals in the academy too often aren't open to truly engaging those who disagree, said Wolfe, who points to things like "faith statements" at evangelical colleges, which require professors to proclaim Christian belief. A prospering intellectual culture wouldn't make that requirement and shut other views out, he said.

My first thought was to wonder about the "prospering intellectual culture" of universities that "shut out" views of biblical creationism and intelligent design.

Somehow, I doubt that Wolfe intended that type of comparison.

But why? Is it because he has defined "intellectual culture" in such a way that rules out opposing viewpoints that are not liked?

It seems in our day that it is acceptable for some people to shut out some views, but not for other people to shut other views.

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