Thursday, May 15, 2008

On Hell

One blogger says this:

I admit, and this is probably my failing, but I have never worried much about hell - the concept is too distant and too abstract - “fire insurance” was never a convincing motivation for Christian faith. I would rather worry more about how we should live and less about heaven or hell.

It seems to me that Christ used hell as a motivation for salvation, and for right living. So why shouldn't we?

He goes on to say,

And… what about those who have never heard? Shouldn’t judgment be just?

Well of course it should be and will be just. And those who have "never heard" are "without excuse" according to Scripture.

This reminds me that some people, through a faulty understanding of Scripture and through a faulty understanding of life, are still attempting to be more Christian than Christ.

It also reminds that many emergents, for all their talk about reading the Bible through ancient eyes, don't do it. They read it from their modern perspective.

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