Thursday, April 17, 2008

Buy This Now

I came across a catalog with a "must have" book (the blurb says so ... I promise). It is entitled The Prophet's Handbook, by Dr. Paula Price.

The blurb says that "no church leader should be without this indispensable reference." There you have it. You should not be without this book.

What will you get?

The benefits of (again quoting) "the ultimate guide to prophecy in the local church. You will learn how God awakens and prepares excellent prophets, understand the difference between prophets and psychics, and recognize and train budding prophets."

This same author as written The Prophet's Dictionary, "a training manual of more than 1,600 terms and definitions."

This will show you how dumb I am: I didn't know there were 1,600 words that needed to be defined about prophecy.

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