Saturday, July 07, 2007

On Reading

From The Reformed Evangelist:

When asked how much time one should give to reading, Dr. Mohler replied,

“That question is impossible to answer on its face. A disciplined program of reading (beyond sermon preparation) that averages two hours a day will accumulate to great riches. You will lose some days in other urgencies and will find more than two hours on other days. Think long term. Also, different stages of life bring demand different patterns. Don’t expect to get a great deal of reading done right after the birth of a baby in the family. Take hold of the time you have and make the most of it.

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Chris Anderson said...

Very good. That's realistic and encouraging.

A pastor-friend recently commented that it seems that I read quite a bit. (I don't think I do, actually.) He asked when I read. I told him that when I was the only pastor at a busy church, preaching 3-4x per week (his circumstance), my reading was essentially limited to commentaries. Now that I have some help, I read quite a bit more. I think Mohler's saying essentially the same thing. "It depends."