Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Isn't It Ironic?

Item #1: You can transport a unborn baby who is defenseless against state lines to kill it, but you can't transport a pit bull who is able to defend itself across state lines to have a dog fight in which it might die. The Michael Vick indictment for participating in dog fighting is horrible. The fact that the courts will defend dogs but not unborn babies is worse. And the worst thing about it all? That people don't get it.

Item #2: The Democrats pulled an all-nighter last night complaining about the Republicans who would not vote for cloture to move to vote on a bill to withdraw troops from Iraq. One after another they expressed outrage at the Republicans failure to allow an up or down vote on the matter.

The irony is that such cries of outrage from the Democrats were non-existent during last year's votes on judicial nominations. The Dems refused to vote for cloture to allow an up or down vote.

What utter hypocrisy. If it was important to have a cloture vote now (where a majority probably would have voted for the amendment), why wasn't it important to have a cloture vote then (where a majority would certainly have voted for confirmation)? Answer: Because the Democrats don't want solutions. They want issues to run on.

It may well be that the government is irretrievably broken. Which may be good. The only thing better than the Congress doing something is the Congress doing nothing. At least it keeps them from increasing the problems.

Are the Republicans hypocrites for not voting for cloture now when they did then and complained about the Dems not voting for cloture then? Well, I think the case can be made that the judicial nominations receiving an up or down vote is a constitutional issue. The constitution provides that judicial nominations be confirmed with a simple majority, not a 60 vote margin. The constitution makes no such provision for the Democratic position last night.

Regardless of what we think about the war, we should all be disgusted with the ridiculous useless circus that was the Senate last night (and most other days as well).

Congrats to Arlen Specter who is now on CSpan 2 rightly pointing out the utter lack of leadership by Harry Reid. What a farce last night was.


DAD said...

Right on. The Dems plan to wreck the country if possible. There whole thing is satanic.

Robert said...

You are exactly correct about the hypocrisy with the Michael Vick situation. How is it so morally outrageous to be a part of dog fighting (and it is despicable), yet there is no moral outrageous when an athlete pays for his girl friend to murder an unborn baby. Apparently, dogs have more value than unborn humans. This is a tale of twisted values in our culture.