Friday, June 08, 2007

In Case You Did Not Know Already

TV Viewing Hazardous to Moral Health, CMI Study Finds

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, June 7, 2007 ( - Heavy television watching parallels a decline in moral values and a sense of personal responsibility, a new study by the Culture and Media Institute of the Media Research Center has found.

In a new Special Report entitled “The Media Assault on American Values,” released by the CMI June 6, a clear correlation was shown to exist between an increase in the number of hours a viewer spent watching TV and a decline in the strength of personal moral values. The report explored the findings of the National Cultural Values Survey, a major study of American cultural and moral values conducted in December 2006.

Among the areas affected by TV viewing habits were attitudes towards abortion, charitable giving, sexual morality, financial self-sufficiency on healthcare and retirement, and church attendance.

In other news, scientists today realized that the sky is above us, joining the multiplied millions who already figured that out but did not have the money to spend on a study.

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Lou Martuneac said...

And it is only going to get worse, IMO.