Thursday, May 31, 2007

At the Diner - Wisdom from the Mail Lady

I never see the mail lady (she calls herself that) when she delivers mail at the church. She just puts it through the slot. But I do see her in the diner just about every time I am in there.

She usually stops and talks and tells me what’s going on in her church and her life. Yesterday, she had these words of wisdom gleaned from a message last week at her church, presented in her own inimitable way (which needs her personality to give the full effect).

Tell them if you want to be in a good relationship with your husband you have to stop talking and let him be in control. It’s in the Bible.

"Of course," she said "I will never get married ‘cuz I can’t shut up."

We had a good laugh.

I told her I would pass it along.

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