Saturday, November 25, 2006

Two True Stories

We took the little buddy down to Tennessee for Thanksgiving to attend a family reunion for my wife’s family. Her father and mother are both in heaven now, but there was almost one hundred other aunts, uncles, and cousins there (with a great many missing). My wife’s father was one of eleven children that survived to adulthood (six did not). Which reminds me that they don’t make families like they used to.

[Bathroom story coming up] Anyway, I played golf with a couple of family members. Just before starting our round, I went to use the men’s room, and glanced through the open stall door. I saw a magazine on the floor. Guess the title: Southern Living. I am not making this up. The men’s room at the golf course had a Southern Living magazine for reading material. In all the golf I have played in my life, I have seen a lot of bathrooms in club houses. Never once have I seen a Southern Living in one of them.

(I am a southerner, so don’t think I am mocking southerners. I think my accent came back some while I was there. I have a day to get rid of it before I preach tomorrow.)

Second true story. We were driving home last night, just coming into Louisville from the south on I-65. I saw a big billboard off to the left. It read (I am not making this up either): Charlie’s Tattoos – Done While You Wait.

I wondered why you would need to advertise that. Are there people who actually think you can get a tattoo done without waiting? ("I want to drop my arm off for a tatt. I want one with a heart and the letters M-O-M in it. Can you have it done in an hour so I can pick it up on my way to dinner?")

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Anonymous said...

So Larry, what kind of matching tattoos did you and Jan get?