Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Clearing the Mental Desk

On the election ... Pardon my commenting a week after the fact, but let's face it: the Republicans got what they deserved. When you pander to the "Religious Right" and then run up high debts, participate in corruption of all kinds, and then do nothing substantive to protect life, why should you get re-elected? You are no different than the Democrats in many ways. You did exactly what they would have done regarding abortion. You probably ran up a higher debt than they would have run up. And you got caught being corrupt. (Democrats are probably corrupt too, but apparently are better at hiding it ... so far.) You stopped being conservative long ago, unless you thought conservative had something to do with retaining power in Congree. So go figure out who you want to be ...

Here's the upside: Maybe we will return to gridlock. Because the only thing worse than doing nothing is doing the wrong thing. After a lot of years of "wrong things," this will give us a chance to do nothing for a while.

But here's the bright side: God is in control. The church is way too tied up in politics, and the hope for the world is not in politics and elections. It is in the pulpit, where Jesus is preached with great power. He cannot be preached as a political power, but as a life-changer. If our hope is in a Republican Congress, we have a very weak savior. It's better to go with Jesus on this one.

On people I don't like ... I went out for a run today, listening to a message, and ended up going way too far. (Note to self: Turn around sooner.) But it gave me lots of time to listen and think. I ended up thinking about people I don't like. Here are some of them. (If you think I am talking about you, I might be ... But read all the way to the end, just to make sure.)

People who take themselves way too seriously ... Lighten up. You are not that important and no one besides you cares that much about you. So learn to laugh.

People who don't have a sense of humor ... See immediately above.

People who act like they know more than they do ... Shut up and let someone else talk for a while. Or just enjoy the silence.

People who pretend to be very serious and use big words but make little or no sense ... You sound like cotton candy (Yes, I said that ... If I have to explain it, then you are one I am talking about.) Get over yourself. Your pontification is boring and stupid, not to mention silly. Stop it.

People who talk too much ... See "People who act like they know more than they do."

People who think everything is important ... It isn't. Learn to think.

People who think nothing is important ... Some things are. Learn to think.

People who can't express themselves clearly ... Shut up and listen to someone who can. Learn from them. And start back slowly.

People who obsess about other people's standards for living ... If you don't like the standards of an institution, church, or individual, then don't go there. But don't whine about them. It makes you look you don't have a life. God didn't die and leave you in charge, and he certainly didn't appoint you the rules guru.

Paranoid people ... No one is actually thinking about you, except to wonder why you think someone should be thinking about you. So get over yourself.

Which brings the question: Do I like myself? Not very often.


Chris Anderson said...

Ouch. You wrote this about me, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

Great post!

Jon from Reidville, SC said...


Sounds like you get a bit cranky when you run! I will ad that to my list of "Why I am Against Exercise!" I am entrigued now as to what kind of sermon you were listening to.


Sam H. said...

Where was the altar call? I look at the things I write here and there, and I want to shout "shut up already..." You nailed me--I know you preached this at me...I repent in dust and ashes...Thanks for the post!

Michelle said...

So....which family members don't you like? Remember Christmas is coming.

Anonymous said...

I take umbrage with the fourth category.

Anonymous said...

The beauty of this system is that if you suspect he meant you, he can invoke the "nobody's thinking about you, don't be paranoid" clause.

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that life, and friendships, and people, and feelings are what life is all about. And you really musn't take it too lightly. It just might really help you get where you are going one day.

I'm tellin' you it is no laughing matter.

I've seen it all...and situations of not liking people like yours just have no good end. It is a slippery slope and I've been at the bottom of the hill for more years than I care to remember and had to clean up too many messes in my day...

You truly must be careful! There might be some people having some psychoseptic responses to your harsh, critical, and rigid expectations of human behavioral and socially acceptable abnormalities. Which makes me recall, silence can be deafening. And we don't want to offend any folk that can't hear. That one poor fella is already taking umbrage and that can be quite serious.

My goal here is not to be verbose or talk a lot of pontifications but it is really really really important and necessary for you, yourself, to grow past and get beyond your negativity and bad attitudes to humanity and your fellow man. Life and living is just way too short and fleeting to not grasp hold of and grab on to what is important and necessary in life.

But, then again, the old saying cliche goes something like "se la vie." But if you don't get what I'm saying, don't bother looking it up 'cause making the effort to look up a phrase in another language isn't really that important anyway.

But getting back to this whole mean as a snake...not liking people thing...you know, as a matter of fact, I need to share something quite important with you. I'm not really sure I like this blog. It's a bit down right bothersome...Who had the brilliant idea of putting whatever comes to your mind in print for all the world to see, anyway. Stuff out loud...Hmmf!

I took the liberty to read some of the comments (or should I say firey darts) that people left for you. Sounds like a lot of these people that have commented are a bit paranoid themselves (especially that family member talkin' about Christmas and that Chris fella that is so concerned no one one get him wrong that he had to send you his own picture with that cheesy grin so you would know he wasn't totally offended and is still a likable guy)...bless their hearts. Even though I have a few more precious gems I could share I'm gonna leave off here; I don't want you or anyone else thinkin' ill of me.

With all them there people you don't like, it sure makes you wonder what kind of woman you chose to marry...between the two of you, ya must be knocking on the door of perfection. Except, well, let me think here...if you don't like anybody and you don't like yourself often...then, you probably offended the people that you thought were your friends...and well, oh, I'm sure you're not paranoid about this kinda stuff anyway.

As they say, just keep your friends close and your enemies closer.