Monday, June 05, 2006

Interesting Reading

Steve McCoy noted an article in the Chicago Sun-Times on Rob Bell from Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids. Rob Bell is the author of Velvet Elvis, which I have heard is very good ... and which I have heard is very bad. I haven't read it so I don't know. He is another of the crop of young pastors of emerging churches that are blowing the doors off in attendance.

On another note, if you are concerned about how people dress in church, here's an example you can follow.

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Anonymous said...

I took the time to look at his web site. While it seems like he is doing good and of course building a huge church, he is nothing more than an example of the current crop of churches that uses satanic music to bring people in. Leads them to make shallow decisions about something “spiritual” and sends them out feeling good. There are thousands of these churches all across America including several dozen within a short distance of where I live. They all want to redefine the church of Jesus Christ to their own likening. If someone went in, used good spiritual music and preached Bible standards of conduct and dress, the whole thing would evaporate over night. I have come into contact with two churches where they were drifting down the CCM route and realized where they were headed. They turned back and lost half of their congregation. The good thing was that many heard about their decision and came to replace the people who left.
Another thing about this guy, I am always suspicious of anyone who charges admission to what is suppose to be a spiritual event. I don’t know about his movies, but when people flock to see them in a commercial theater, it raises a very, very red flag about them.
One final comment. I don’t see the spiritual temperatures raised in areas where these types of churches are located. There is one of these super churches located very near the neighborhood where we are and I know a family who goes there. The man turned his back on the “gospel preaching traditional church” because he was rebuked over sin in his life. I have yet to see any real spiritually in his life. In fact, I would have to doubt his salvation. But he is very comfortable and involved in the church. There is much more to be said, but I cease other than to say be carefule looking longling at this type of church for an example.