Monday, May 29, 2006

The Joys of Fatherhood

True story ... Last night, just before our evening service, my wife came a little early to bring me a bowl of watermelon. I was holding my son in my lap lying down with his head towards my knees. We were talking to him and watching him grin. It was great.

I thought he felt a little warm lying there, but I figured it was a hot day and it was just his body heat. So I stand up to print off my notes for the service and get my Bible. I look down to find a wet spot on my pants at a very inopportune place. Turns out my son's body heat really wasn't body heat. At least he didn't know what we were laughing about.

Fortunately, I live close enough to the church to run home and change, so I didn't have to make any awkward explanations.

Which reminds me of yet another good reason not to wear a suit on Sunday nights. You can wash cotton dockers at the house. You have to send a suit to the cleaners.

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