Friday, March 10, 2006


The following is posted over at (Bold is mine.)

APPARENTLY, there are new and healthy trends among young Fundamentalists. Can someone tell us what those are? I hope to hear from some of you SharperIron folks.

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I know nothing about the website, but I found this particular entry kind of funny. I have highlighted what seems to be all too often the normal approach to dialogue: "I want to hear from you, but my ears are closed." And on a site using the moniker "smart" nonetheless.

Go figure.

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Dave Vawter said...

Yep, while I think the traits he mentions are admirable among fundamentalists, young and otherwise. I had a similar perspective on whether this was some new and amazing trend. The "movement" has unfortunately been defined in the minds of some by the extreme fringes, while I have seen in my experience, many men throughout my life that exhibited the so called "new Trends"