Monday, January 18, 2016

Food for Thought

On every university campus I visit, somebody stands up and says that God is an evil God to allow all this evil into our world. This person typically says, ‘A plane crashes: Thirty people die, and twenty people live. What kind of a God would arbitrarily choose some to live and some to die?’

But when we play God and determine whether a child within a mother’s womb should live, we argue for that as a moral right. So when human beings are given the privilege of playing God, it’s called a moral right. When God plays God, we call it an immoral act. Can you justify this for me?”

Zacharias, Ravi. “Reaching the ‘Happy-Thinking Pagan.’” Growing Your Church through Evangelism and Outreach. Ed. Marshall Shelley. 1st ed. Nashville, TN: Moorings, 1996. 18.


Anonymous said...

I think this was answered hundreds and hundreds of years ago, long before airplanes were part of the picture. John Calvin answered it for us. Some are chosen to survive the crash and some are not. Preparation in life or saftely measures don't really matter because it's all pre-determined.

Anonymous said...

That's also the reason I sit back and chuckle when I see all of these Christians talking about who will win the election. Preparation in lifefor anything, or attempting to do anything, such as voting, matters not one iota. Everything is pre-determined and we have no will of our own to do anything. Even me making a comment today was pre-determined and I have no choice but to make a comment. I could not choose to ignore this post and not comment on it even if I wanted to keep my mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at the poor sucker who made a comment on January 14 wondering who will win the Superbowl: Panthers or Broncos. Like it really matters! The results to that game were pre-determined 500 years ago by John Calvin and anyone who thinks differently is silly. My husband and I are strong Calvinists and we are having a victory party on that day - before the game even begins.