Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Oh What Hope!!!! (????)

Election Day is over. The Republicans took control of the Senate and widened their majority in the House. And now, all my conservative friends are rejoicing. This is so great, right?

Yes, because never before have we seen such a thing as the Republicans controlling both houses of the legislature.

Well, except for the 2000s. And we all remember then, right? The Republicans did such a great job.

Abortion was outlawed in all fifty states and hundreds if not millions of conservative justices were nominated and appointed who overturned Roe v. Wade.

Federal pending was dramatically curtailed and the budget was balanced. Welfare was declared to be over, and all those people on welfare were either given high paying jobs or shown unequivocally to be lazy goof-offs who just want to have kids and collect money from working stiffs.

Foreign policy was unquestionably sound. There was never any question that the right people were being attacked and the right people being defended. And no one ever died. At least, no one on our side.

Education was returned to the local level so local school boards (who are known for their impeccable academic credentials and accomplishments) could decide the best way to educate their local students for success in a global economy.

You remember all that?

Yeah … me neither.

And my guess is that this resounding “shellacking” (as it has been called) will be largely the same. A bunch of loud fast talking Republicans will develop a serious case of lockjaw when it comes to making meaningful reform.

Although I do think it would be really funny if, when challenged by the president about passing their agenda, someone reminds him that he said if they wanted to change things to “go out there and win an election.” Well, they did.

But if I were you, I wouldn’t start any of these Republicans in your fantasy political league. They are not known for actually getting stuff done at game time.

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