Thursday, July 17, 2014

One More on HL and SCOTUS

One last post on Hobby Lobby, and then I am done … at least for now.

The Detroit Free Press reports recently that some Democrats in Congress are making plans to pass a law to override the recent SCOTUS decision in the HL religious freedom case. That has apparently now been refused, as a mentioned in a previous post.

This article shows that people with microphones in front of their face still don’t get it. Here are three examples of the absolute falsehoods being propagated by people who should know better.

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow says, “I am eager to work with my colleagues to make sure that women are making health care decisions in consultation with their doctor, not their employer.”

Perhaps she was out of the country and just got back and hasn’t had time to read the news yet, but there is nothing in this decision that has anything to do with women and their doctors. The women who work at HL are still completely free to consult with their doctors, to use whatever birth control they desire, and to have an abortion if they so desire. This decision did nothing to change any of that. She probably knows that. So why didn’t she say it? Because you can’t play politics and tell the truth at the same time. I think it reveals a lack of integrity.

An ACLU lawyer chimes in with, “ … we think Congress can pass a new law, something as simple as ... employers have to cover all health care that’s required under federal law.”

Perhaps this lawyer is not aware of how SCOTUS works, but there was a law that said exactly that (the ACA), and SCOTUS just said it cannot be enforced. So federal law does not require this health care.

The executive VP of the Center for American Progress says, “Congress should clarify that RFRA should not be used as an excuse for forcing an employee to adhere to the religious beliefs of their boss.”

Again, there was nothing in this case that is even remotely connected to expecting HL employees to adhere to the religious beliefs of HL owners. The employees are welcome to believe whatever they want and live however they want. They are even welcome to have abortions, or to use whatever birth control they desire.

The only people being expected to adhere to others beliefs are the HL owners, who are being expected to live in conformity with the beliefs of others.

It is people such as Senator Stabenow would have the owners of HL give up their religious beliefs to conform to her own.

Leonard Pitts chimes in now saying that, “I once saw a protest sign to the effect that if men gave birth, contraception would be bacon flavored and dispensed from vending machines.”

Maybe Mr. Pitts highlife affords him first class travel and the best of everything. I, on the other hand, have been in enough gas station and truckstop bathrooms to know that flavored contraception is available from vending machines in a great many of them. Now, I’ll admit that I haven’t seen bacon flavored yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I just overlooked it since I tend to get in and out of those places as fast as possible.

Here’s the bottom line, at least until someone goes even lower than these have gone: Until there is a renewed commitment to telling the truth among people, these types of articles will not go away. And our country will be the worse off for it. There is such a entire lack of integrity in the political world and the news media today that it completely hampers the open democratic process of our nation.

It goes to show that people just don’t think much, and those that speak hope the hearers don’t think much either.

I appeal to Senator Stabenow to publicly apologize for misleading people about the nature of this decision.

But I won’t hold my breath until she does it.

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Doug H, Rogier said...

Well said in my opinion, but who am I. Am I allowed to have an opinion or is that being outlawed also?