Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This and That

I recently saw (for the billionth or so time) someone comment about the supposed evil of being known for what you are against rather than what you are for. It made me wonder if this person wanted us to know he was against people being known for what they are against.

It’s not there’s no truth to the idea. It’s that it’s simplistic and misleading. To be for something is automatically to be against other some things. And that’s okay. And it’s also okay to let people know you are against some things. However, if you are only critical, or constantly critical, you may need to rethink some things.

Speaking of that, I recently saw someone condemn someone to hell because they handled a situation differently than they would have. And this from a person who says fundamentalists are judgmental and graceless. Ironic, eh?

Which reminds me that it seems that the people who talk most about grace often seem to give it the least. They are all about grace … so long as you agree with them. Otherwise they want nothing to do with you.

Which reminds me that a lot of people hate theological or philosophical separatism in ministry. They have a novel solution: they do not associate with those who are separatists.

Methinks they don’t see the irony of it.

I do. And I laugh.

You see, almost everyone is a separatist. The question is for what reason and from whom. And that’s okay. Just have biblical reasons.

I was playing golf last night … a 4 ball match with a medal component. All that means is that there are two games going on at once and both holes and strokes count. We ended up winning 2-up on the match and 3-up on strokes. I tried to give it away on 8th hole by carding a snowman … on a 90 degree day no less. It was a disaster. But I came up big on the 9th to seal the deal with a tap-in par. We followed it up with a salad (both garden salad and crab salad), grilled lamb chops and chicken (I skipped the fish), garlic roasted potatoes, mixed vegetables, ice cream, and oreo bread pudding. Win or lose, that tastes good.  

Two things about golf and life.

First, don’t make a guy putt an 18-incher for a quadruple bogey. It’s really rude. Unless all the strokes count, in which case it’s smart, particularly if the game is close. But if you hadn’t given a couple of two-footers away earlier, you might not be down now.

However, if you are the one putting for an quadruple bogey, you deserve the shame of having to make it. In fact, you should probably have to make it twice. But to quote Jude, on some have compassion. But only when the competition is over.

Second, sometimes it doesn’t matter how bad you play, so long as you show up when you need to. It’s not a good way to live life, but you get away with it sometimes. And it won’t build character. But every now and then you get away with it. Last night was one of those times.

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