Friday, May 23, 2014

Around the Horn

At first, Matthew Hoskinson writes about What a New Pastor Doesn’t Know. Having lived the life of trying to revitalize an older, dying church for a few years, actually fifteen years, I think the five year number is probably too high, at least for some things. But there is a lot of wisdom in these words.

At second, here’s an interesting post about China and the work of the gospel there. Whether or not one agrees with the strategy talked about here, this gives an interesting perspective, particularly on the idea of bringing suffering and persecution to people.

At third, here’s an article in which Late Night TV host David Letterman talks about his regret over humiliating Monica Lewinsky. It reminds that comedy today seems based on humiliating people. It’s easy comedy, but cutting, disrespectful, and damaging. Letterman and others have made a career out of it for years. To express regret now may be honest enough. One wonders if he feels the same regret over the others he has humiliated. It is a good reminder to think before you speak, because there is a real person on the other end of those words.  

Last, USMNT Jurgen Klinsmann has named his 23-man roster for the World Cup this summer. Strangely, US stalwart Landon Donovan is not on it. This would have been Donovan’s fourth World Cup. Klinsmann is taking a big chance. He says he has the highest respect for Donovan, but one is not out on a thin limb to read that as pure politics. Klinsmann’s actions over the last year do not line up with that. I find it hard to believe that Donovan is not one of the best 23 players in the country, particularly with his experience and leadership. Klinsmann will (hopefully) live or die with this. If the USMNT does not get out of the group play, Klinsmann should be fired before the final whistle.

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