Monday, November 18, 2013

Chapell on Preaching

“At some point in your preaching career, you must make a decision: Will you preach to people, or will you preach for preachers? The latter may win you acclaim, but the former will far more likely win souls. Deep thought, plainly expressed, most clearly exposes a pastor’s heart” (Christ-Centered Preaching, p. 341).

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Kent Brandenburg said...

Are there really guys who think of preachers when they preach? Maybe in certain circles that is the case. Maybe that's the explanation of some for some digging deep into the Word. If someone is preaching to people or for people (and hopefully, God), then it would seem that he would preach the Bible, since that is the basis for faith, preach the whole counsel, and preach it in its context, rightly dividing it.

Some, when they say that they preach for people, I think, mean it about how Rick Warren would mean it. That doesn't mean they are going to be careful and exhaustive with the text, but to craft the message for people, use the Bible for people.