Saturday, July 06, 2013

Around the Horn

At first is a great story about Buddy Ball, a special needs baseball league in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. The commissioner, who is doing all the talking is Tommy Lee Kidd, who is my wife’s cousin’s husband. And Abigail, who shows up in the middle of the video is Tommy Lee and Lesa’s daughter.

At second is an article entitled How to Preach Like D. A. Carson Without Sounding Like Him. Some helpful reminders on the task of preaching.

At third, Trueman has done it again with an incredibly insensitive piece about reality. Some people never learn.

Last, here’s a disturbing video about Drugs in Detroit. The sadness and emptiness of leading these kinds of lives should shock the system. It’s about forty-five minutes long, but it’s a good way to get some insight into a world that most of my readers probably know little about.

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