Friday, May 03, 2013

Around the Horn

At first, a Kindle freebie, The Story of John G. Paton or Thirty Years Among the South Sea Cannibals. A while back I read another book on Paton and was greatly challenged. My heroes seem to be the missionary I have most recently read about. In a day of disposable ministry, spending thirty years in one difficult place is going the way of the telegraph. That’s not a good thing. The age of ease and consumerism is not helping longevity and gospel sacrifice.

At second, Carl Trueman brings it strong here when he writes about celebrity (again). As with much of what Trueman writes, there is no further comment needed.

At third, related to this, Lark News writes a great little piece (parody for those who are not familiar) about church conferences. They can make people feel like failures, while inspiring them with hope all at the same time. It’s what Ed Stetzer called ministry pornography—seeing someone else’s church and wishing it was yours.

Last, here’s a short little video worth watching and thinking about, particularly towards the end where he gets into the actual presentation of the gospel and relating it in terms that the hearer can identify with. Whether you like this guy or not, we should strive for clear communication of the gospel in terms that the unbeliever can understand.

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