Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Around the Horn

Several weeks late or a few days early … Take your pick.

At first, here’s a good pamphlet on economics by one of my favorite economists, Thomas Sowell. It is interesting to read someone who knows that they are talking about when it comes to the economy. The downside is that knowing what he is talking about when it comes to the economy completely disqualifies him from politics and the making of economic policy.

At second, continuing on the same theme of Thomas Sowell, here’s a good interview with him.

At third, here’s my new favorite website: Flight Radar 24. This site says it tracks every flight in the world. It is a graphic display. One of the cool things is that you can click on a plane that is flying and a box will pop up on the left that will show the flight information including where it is coming from and where it is going. Even cooler is that you can click on the “Cockpit View” and a box will pop up that will actually show the view from the cockpit in terms of a satellite map. My love of flying has never dried up though my bank account did long ago. This is a cheap substitute for the joy of flying (as in being the pilot, not riding in a commercial jet plane). Right now I am watching Delta 2123 land at Detroit, coming in over 94 from the north.

And closing out today, here’s a weird story about a man with 31-inch biceps, “the size of a grown man’s waist.” I have to ask, Do you know any grown men with a 31-inch waist?


KDS Properties said...
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Michelle said...

Flight Radar 24 is a "cool" site. Gramps would have enjoyed this site.

Bobby Mitchell said...

Thanks for the FR24 link. Love it!