Sunday, August 05, 2012

Around the Horn

First, the new issue of Credo Magazine is out. It has some interesting articles on the Old Princeton, including men like Archibald Alexander, Charles Hodge, and J. Gresham Machen, as well as interviews with Brian Croft and Mark Dever.

Second, here’s an interesting site on the Apostle Paul. It contains a number of articles and links that will inform and educate concerning some of the current trends in Pauline studies. If you are not familiar with the New Perspective on Paul, there are a number of tutorial articles that will help.

Third, here’s a good article from centuries past on “The Character of a Genuine Theologian.” It was delivered in 1675, but it packed with relevance because of its timeless teaching. It is found on the University of Michigan library website, which means that at least something good comes out of Ann Arbor. Predictably, it didn’t actually originate in Ann Arbor.

Last, here’s a good article by Michael Horton on 5 Myths About Reformed Theology. These myths are unfortunately all too frequent. And for many people, it doesn’t matter what you tell them, their mind is already made up. Just recently I saw someone say that Calvinists shouldn’t blame a criminal for his actions; they should blame God. And this from a man who has been in vocational ministry for over twenty years. He should know better, but unfortunately, he doesn’t talk like it. An article like Horton’s, though brief, will give some clarity to these kinds of old wives’ tales that somehow keep getting repeated.

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