Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top Posts of 2010

I was going to post my “Best of 2010” review by linking to selected posts in which I made particularly good and timely points, or in which I demonstrated of superb writing and lucid thinking, or which were poignant analyses of social and cultural issues of our day, or in which I exposed the foolishness and fallacies of the “wanna-bes.”

It would serve the purpose of upping my page view count serving my readers by reminding them of how great and indispensable I think my own writing is important things that every one should already know but probably forgot.

So I have studiously reviewed my posts from 2010 for the last thirty seconds or so (which is all the time I have for consideration of self-production for the sake of self-promotion … I must move on to something more profitable, like studying the back of the judge’s head who is just three booths away from me facing the other direction).

Having performed this studious review, I have concluded that it would be impossible to select the best from the rest because they are all so good.

So I commend to you The Best of Stuff Out Loud—2010 Edition.

Caveat Emptor.


Anonymous said...


Why do I hear the echo of screwy Louie Martuneac in your words?


Sergius Martin-George said...

Pastor Larry:

Every time I try to link to the article, it just brings me back to the same page. Any suggestions on accessing the original?

Larry said...

It is actually a different page that links to all my posts of 2010. (That was the joke ... my "best of" included all my posts.)

If you scroll down you will see them all. The "best of" post was the last one of the year, so it appears first. All the rest are below it.