Sunday, September 12, 2010

Joyced Again

Wow!!! What to say? That’s bizarre beyond any level of rationality.

It’s far worse than the Galarraga perfect game call because the officials had a chance to get it right and still missed it. At least Joyce had no recourse. He would have fixed it if he could have.

This group had that chance, and still missed it.

And unlike Joyce’s blown call, this affected the outcome of the game.

They actually looked at the play, probably several times, and still missed it.

The “process” was over when he came down  in control of the ball, with two feet in bounds, then a third foot down, then fell down on his backside, then rolled over, and then put the ball on the ground.

Anywhere else on the field, that’s a catch.

In fact, if the receiver catches the ball short of the end zone, simply reaches out and breaks the plane of the line, and then has the ball knocked out of his hands, it is a touchdown.

But this isn’t?

That’s simply bizarre.

The Lions don’t need any help to lose.

And they don’t deserve any help to win.

But this one was stolen from them.


Jim Peet said...

I saw it too and I just don't get the new "process" rule

Mark said...

I agree, Larry. And the worst part is Calvin Johnson is on my fantasy football team :-)

Patrick Berryman said...

It's one thing to miss a call, but to miss it with the benefit of replay is inexcusable. The bigger problem was that the officials overturned the initial touchdown call before going to the booth. If they knew that they were going to go to the booth, why not let the initial TD call stand? In that case, the official would have to have incontrovertible visual evidence that the "process" had not been completed before the ball was released. I think the result then would have been different.