Monday, September 28, 2009

Sign Me Up

I received an advertisement for a Christian college today. It had a lot of pictures in it, along with some words here and there.

What particularly caught my attention was the page of benefits that included (and I quote): Sunbathing for women students. (Italics in the original … or at least in the copy of the original that I received. I am not sure if the other stack of advertisements has this line in it or not.)

So what’s my point?

Nothing other than that I find it interesting that an advertised benefit of a Christian liberal arts college is “Sunbathing for women students.”

I suppose that might be a deal-breaker for some. (“I would go to that other school but I can’t lay out in the sun there.”)

Weird …

Now, lest you misunderstand, I am not opposed to women laying out to get a tan. All other things equal, I like a little color. I do wonder about the possibilities for the men however. Is there no sunbathing for men?

And I do wonder why that is listed as a benefit. Perhaps they have done the marketing studies that show sunbathing for women students is high on the list of criteria for Christian women looking for higher education.

Weird, that’s all.

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Mark Ward said...

Sign me up, Too!!!

I received a periodical from a well know liberal-arts Christian University in the South that bragged that it's big 'Founder's' auditorium had the same amount of concrete in its walls and floors as the Spaceship Earth - the giant sphere at Disney's Epcot resort! Maybe if I send my kids to this 'Christian University' they will feel like they're at Disney World?

Also, this same 'Christian' University talked about it's 'Ghost Campus' that used to exist on the panhandle of Florida during the Great Depression. I wonder if that 'Ghost Campus' is still in existence? Do they give 'Ghost' tours to those interested in visiting this 'mysterious' campus?

My point is very simple - each school brags about unique characteristics and programs it has. Just because we don't like a particular school doesn't necessarily give us the privilege to point out strange things about that school.

Larry, I'm glad that school has a sunbathing deck for its girls - at least it offers something for the girls to do and gives an alternative to going to the beach (even though I think the beach would be a better place to be).

And, I'm glad that school in the south has a lot of concrete on its campus - obviously, they've built a big structure that the Lord has graciously provided.

And, I'm glad I have the liberty and wisdom to send my church youth to schools that have unique and interesting characteristics that is appealing to the human eye.

(By the way - that sunbathing deck is pretty awesome - as a former board member of that school, I've had the privilege to get a private tour of all their new facilities - and, it's pretty awesome, man! I'm excited that we have some young ladies in our youth group that's looking forward to going to that school after high school. They'll certainly enjoy the sun deck, and all the other awesome facilities that school has to offer)

'Enough said!