Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Discern God’s Grace

We often hear statements like “God’s grace was all that got me through that situation.”

But we here from all kinds of people, even from those who show no evidence of God’s grace in their life?

So how do we know when God’s grace has sustained us?

It cannot be when we experience relief from trial or suffering. It cannot be when we feel better about trial or suffering. Many people who wouldn’t know the difference between God and a hole in the ground experience relief from suffering, or feel better in the midst of suffering.

The evidence of God’s grace is that I still believe, even if I am suffering.

So we ask, Did God’s grace sustain me through that trial? Or did I merely by sheer force of will and desire manage to get through it? Outwardly, it will look very similar. Inwardly, it will be very different.

I will know God’s grace has sustained me and is sustaining me when, in the midst of trial and at the end of trial, I still believe that Jesus is my only hope, and I follow him regardless of the cost.

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